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That rocking never stops…

As I was shopping in the UN commissary last night, I bumped into Natalie, a girl I am acquainted with from work. She is now 7.5 months pregnant with a baby boy. As we started chatting about babies, ultrasounds, hospitals and all the other pleasant details connected with child birth, she suddenly started smiling and said: Ha-ha you totally look like a mom.” So, I said: “Yeah, I still gotta lose a “few” kilos”, she goes:”No, silly, look at your left hand…” As I turned my head to my left side I noticed that I was rocking the shopping cart like a baby stroller. I was already told by some mommies that that movement never goes away, but of course one never believes anything until you experience it on your own skin.
So, I was standing there, rocking the shopping cart to sleep and thinking how wonderful it is to be a mother. Your baby is not only with you in your heart and in your thoughts, but also dictates your basic reflexes. I thought that was really funny!!!


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