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That rocking never stops…

As I was shopping in the UN commissary last night, I bumped into Natalie, a girl I am acquainted with from work. She is now 7.5 months pregnant with a baby boy. As we started chatting about babies, ultrasounds, hospitals and all the other pleasant details connected with child birth, she suddenly started smiling and said: Ha-ha you totally look like a mom.” So, I said: “Yeah, I still gotta lose a “few” kilos”, she goes:”No, silly, look at your left hand…” As I turned my head to my left side I noticed that I was rocking the shopping cart like a baby stroller. I was already told by some mommies that that movement never goes away, but of course one never believes anything until you experience it on your own skin.
So, I was standing there, rocking the shopping cart to sleep and thinking how wonderful it is to be a mother. Your baby is not only with you in your heart and in your thoughts, but also dictates your basic reflexes. I thought that was really funny!!!


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Maya’s First Carrots


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On Saturday, 10 May 2008, our little Maya tried her first food for the first time. She has been exclusively on breast milk from birth and due to her ever-growing curiosity in adults’ food, we have decided to try to give her some carrots. In Austria, doctors recommendations differ slightly from those given in the US. Here, League de la Leche recommends exclusive breastfeeding of your child until six month of age and then gradual introduction of solids, starting with the seventh month of age.
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