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Our Trilingual baby


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Maya has always been very talented when it comes to learning languages.
Her first baby babbles were in all three languages: English, German and Russian.

Over the last year (she is two and a half now) her English has become excellent. I guess it is the easiest language out of the three, plus it is spoken at home all the time.

Since I often switch back and forth from English to Russian, Maya is perfectly aware that I speak both.
So, the other evening when we were reading some Russian books, she asks me in English where her yogurt is. I answer in Russian: “твой йогурт в холодильнике.” She goes: “Mama, what did you just say? “and starts laughing…I repeat, dada says: “Your yogurt is in the fridge.” Mama says: “твой йогурт в холодильнике.” She looks at me with a big smile on her face and says, but mama also says: “Your yogurt is in the fridge.”
What a cheeky little monkey our baby is.
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Look Who Is Talking…


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Maya loves to surprise us by learning or repeating something new.

She always showed an extreme interest in books, magazines and everything that had pictures in it. We started teaching her by pointing to the picture and saying, “the dog says, Woof, woof, woof” or find a picture of a cow and say, “the cow says, Moo, moo, moo.”

She learned so many animals and their sounds, her body parts and colors and keeps surprising us more and more with her always growing vocabulary.

She can now repeat words after us. Just this morning, as I was calling Ryan “hoooooney”, she went “honey”. I was in shock for a bit. 🙂
Teachers in her school also commented how advance she is with her language skills. They mentioned that she is starting to understand German as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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