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It Works! (So Far…)

Until we went to the US last year, she was at least sleeping in her own bed, but constantly waking up for breast-feedings. After the US, she had a habit of sleeping in her bed until exactly midnight, then she wouldn’t quit crying until we brought her into our bed. Even in our own bed, she would wake up throughout the night to get some boob. So as we’ve discussed with some friends and family, we’ve been trying a new method of getting Maya to sleep in her own bed, as well as sleep through the night.
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Maya Update

In the last few weeks, Maya has developed quite a bit. First, she has become very demanding! If she wants something, she will definitely let you know about it. She whines, points, reaches, squirms, and cries. But of course, that’s just fine with us, cause we just love her so much. She’s getting much closer to turning from her back to her belly, especially if we put some interesting object (like my glasses) nearby for her to stretch over to. My guess is that she’ll turn for the first time in a couple of days. We’re a little disappointed that she hasn’t done it yet, but I blame the harness that she had to wear for the first three or four months. She’ll get there eventually, I’m sure.
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