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First Week of Kindergarten

Last Monday, Maya started kindergarten! We went every day this week, but only for a few hours at a time, to get her used to it. And so, Mommy, Daddy, and Maya all drove to the UN together, and spent some time getting used to the teachers, other kids, and boxes of new toys.

Maya's school

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Maya’s first time in Tiergarten Schönbrunn

Last weekend the Adler family and our babushka decided to take a trip to the world’s oldest and only baroque zoo in the south-eastern part of the Habsburgs’ summer residence.
Our munchkin has never been to the zoo before and the few animals that she’s seen were the two dogs of our neighbors, who lack some intelligence, I would say, as all they do all day is bark, bark and bark and a few cats here and there. So, it was supposed to be a day for our little Maya when she finds out that there are lots of big, small, fluffy, prickly animals that come in all forms and sizes, ranging from a few cells to creatures that weigh several tons. Read the rest of this entry »

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It seems that there may be more going on in Vienna with games than I knew about before. It was just announced that the first game for the new Wii Ware program (basically a platform for small and independent game development on the Wii) will be coming from a Viennese company, Bplus. Hadn’t really heard of them before now. But I hope it means a quick move to more interesting stuff on the Wii!

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Spring has Sprung

Today is one of those really gorgeous days when you finally know that spring is here. It’s the first time we can really comfortably sit outside without even a light jacket, and enjoy the weather. Butterflys are everywhere, ladybugs, and even the flowers are starting to really bloom. The new baby trees we have even have little buds that are ready to open up. We cleaned up the little coffee table for outside, and the garden chairs, and just enjoyed the sun. Then, we planted seeds to start our small vegetable garden. We even planted some marigolds and sunflowers, and they should be really nice when they bloom. We watered all the plants, and watched everyone going for a walk.
Yesterday was a bit cooler, but still nice enough to sit outside at a restaurant and drink an Apfelsaft gesprizt, and soak up the sun. The grass needs to be cut at some point, once we get a lawnmower.

In fact, I’m even posting this entry from outside, on the terrace.


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