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New Look

So, we decided that it was time to update the look of the website…you may have noticed, if you’re already reading this. 🙂 Please let us know if you have any feedback or problems.

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My Boring Blog

The Onion

Entire Blogosphere Stunned By Blogger’s Special Weekend Post

NEW YORK—In what is being called a seminal moment in Internet history, a rare weekend post by 25-year-old blogger Ben Tiedemann on his…

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It was pointed out by a random visitor to the site that our boring blog bears an uncanny resemblance to the above parody post at The Onion. Particularly, this post. I do realize, of course, the totally mundane quality of the things we post here, but as it’s mainly for family, it’s not such a big deal. I could go and compare our blog to something like Facebook and Twitter, where everyone posts (and notifies friends via RSS, email, and SMS) pretty much every bowel movement they have, but ok. 🙂

In other breaking news, we took Maya for her checkup at the orthopedist, and her hips have improved by a few degrees. The harness will still have to stay on a few more months, though.

Oh, and once I’ve had time to mount the other matching shelf, you’ll be sure to hear about it here – your only source for the most important and up to date information about the most banal people around!

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Did I do that?

The internet is a strange and wonderful place. I have no idea if I started something, and not that it really matters, but one has to wonder.

After posting about Chore Wars, a friend of mine who is involved in the games and game development scene, Jurie, also posted about it. His post was picked up by Wonderland, a blog about gaming. And today, perusing my regular comics online, I happened across the newest Penny Arcade. Naturally, I can’t really be sure that I caused the chain reaction, but one can dream, right? 😀

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A fitting anthem

 I Blog Alone –


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Twas only an illusion

As Max pointed out, it wasn’t really true. The listings I were seeing were when logged into Google, which apparently is altered by your own browsing history. So now you know the truth: I’m the only one who goes to this site! 😛 In any case, I guess the only way to get our ranking up is to post something that people will want to link to. But in any case, the site is really only for family and friends. And apparently people looking for gardening tips, which is, up until now, our main source of visitors from outside our circle. I’ll have to come up with something really spectacular to post here so people will visit. Then my plans for world domination can begin…

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The true magic is in the web

We’re number one! 🙂

It took a lot of fiddling, and I’m not actually sure what it was that did it, but when I now search for “Ryan Adler” in Google, this page is the first result! Earlier, I was always beaten out by a magician of the same name. (Sorry if I don’t link to him here. 😉 ). But today, when I checked again, this page was in the first position! Google is a real funny thing how it sorts results, and I’ve been having fun experimenting with different methods of getting it indexed. Naturally, searching for “Svitlana Adler” already returned this as the first page, since she has such a unique name. Now if only I could get the search on this blog to work!

In related news, I’ve purchased for “future use”. To be honest, if anyone in the family wants their own blog, I would be happy to set it up for them there. For now, though, it just redirects to this page. I can always make you a subdomain, though, so you could have

It also funny that when choosing names for kids nowadays, you should check to see if the domain is still available. 😛

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I’m liking this WordPress blogging software. Just did an upgrade to the newest version, and it was pretty painless. I had more trouble uploading the files to the website than anything related to the software itself. Seems that all the plugins, etc. are still working as well. Yay. 🙂

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