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Strawberry fields forever…

Maya enjoyed harvesting her own strawberries today. She loves helping baba to do the gardening.

We already had our first cherries and now it’s the strawberries time.
Let this yummy summer begin!!!

DSC_0527 DSC_0528 DSC_0037


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A weekend with friends

Maya’s Friends

Here’s a cute little video of Maya and some of her friends who visited over the weekend. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tree Hunting

Mission accomplished!

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Father’s Day Grill and Workout

So I finally had my first Father’s Day last Sunday – we had it in Austria last weekend, even though it’s this weekend in the states. And I have to say, it was really great! In the morning, I got my gift from Maya and Svitlana: WiiFit! Of course, I was immediately insulted, since I assume that meant I’m just not in shape, and letting myself go. But I quickly got over it, set it up, and then even the WiiFit told me I was overweight! Geez!
Let's Get in Shape!
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That’s the sound Maya has started making since a day or two. Essentially, it’s the ‘B’ sound, often followed by some spitting. 🙂 You can tell she’s really concentrating, though, so she’s definitely doing it on purpose. She’s finally starting to speak!
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It’s BBQ time again


Originally uploaded by svetikadler

We finally managed to invite a couple of colleagues of mine for a BBQ get-together this past Sunday. The weather forecast wasn’t promising from the very beginning and we all were aware that it might rain cats and dogs at any minute. To our greatest surprise, it only drizzled for about 10 min. in our part of Vienna. According to the stories of all the other colleagues at work, it rained heavily with hail all day long.
So, I guess we must have somehow pleased the weather gods.
The BBQ turned out to be great as usual. I had marinated the meat and prepared all the veggies ahead of time and Ryan – the chef master, showed off his wonderful grilling skills.

The day was really a lot of fun and we hope for more get-togethers with friends and colleagues in the nearest future. For more pictures, click here.

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