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Maya’s begins her new swimming class

This September both Alexa and Maya started their swimming classes.
Here are a few photos I was able to take this weekend:

Swimming on her back

Picking our her groceries and then delivering them:
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“Daddy, daddy…now where is that Stork, which brought me to you? “

Stork and dedas
Maya and dedas playing with a stork

I just loveloveloveloving my kiddies.
Maya is just getting funnier with every day. It’s too bad I never find time to write all the funny things she says.

Yesterday, as I was showing her a preview of her first year in the new photo book I am working on, she started asking me all these questions about the umbilical cord she saw in one of the baby pictures.
I’ve explained to her that the umbilical cord connects a baby in the womb to her mother and this way the baby gets all the “food” she needs from her mommy.

After that picture, Maya also saw another one of the stork, which our kind neighbors have given us as a gift when Maya was born.
She looked at the picture and ran off to daddy, screaming: “Daddy, daddy…now where is that Stork, which brought me to you?

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Hectic Monday or how we went to bake cookies.

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Since the weather was very nice and sunny today, mommy decided to take her girlies outside to one of the best Viennese Christmas markets.
Lots of special present-making and cookie-baking workshops for kids take place in the Volkshalle of the town hall.
It is never an easy thing to take both of my princesses out, especially that I have to take a stroller for Maya and put Alexa in the baby bjoern. I love the looks everyone gives me: some with “OMG” and lots of smiles.

I had to fight my way into the baking workshop, as we came exactly at the time reserved for school children, but the chef took a pity on me and let my little munchkin in.

She was having a lot of fun making cookies for her daddy and Santa.

rolling that dough wasn’t easy

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Christmas Carol Event

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We just came back from a wonderful Christmas Carol signing at Musical Munchkins school, which Maya so much enjoys going to.
There were lots of kids and parents singing, dancing and enjoying each other’s company and hot chocolate and cookies. :))

Maya saw Santa for the first time and he gave her a terrific musical present because she was such a good girl this year.

Here are some highlights of the evening:

Jingle jingle jingle…..lalalala

Christmas story…

Ho ho ho

my beautiful family

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Anicia’s Birthday Party

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On Saturday morning we went to one of Maya’s kindergarten friends’ birthday party. It was a lot of fun for kids and adults.
I enjoyed meeting many new people: mommies and daddies with lots of kiddies. My new colleague also happened to be there…what a small world that it.

For some more pictures, visit this link.

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Trip to Salzburg and baba’s visit


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I decided to make a short post about baba’s visit with us. Since all Maya does is talk about the fun time they had together and constantly asks us when baba is coming back. The two of them have a very special relationship and seem to really enjoy hanging out with each other.
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Noah and Maya in Prater


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Despite of the bad weather forecast we decided to go to Prater Amusement Park with Noah, Maya’s friend and his mommy Sara.
We haven’t been to Prater for ages. It really got cleaned up a lot and had a lot more rides than we could remember.
The place offers tons of entertainment for children and adults of all ages.

Maya has never been to Prater and we thought it would be a nice idea to introduce her to the fun place in Vienna. Noah was already a frequent visitor to the park and he was showing Maya around. The two of them were just more than cute.

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