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Christmas Eve or Christkind is helping Santa

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This year we were invited for Christmas dinner to our friends’ house.

It was our first Austrian traditional Christmas.The Christkind (german “The Christ-child”) is the traditional Christmas gift-bringer in Austria, so we had to explain to Maya that since Santa has a long way to come over to see us, his helper, the Christkind, will start bringing presents to children. So she will get a couple of gifts on the 24th of December at night and will hopefully find some more in the morning of the 25th.

We sang some Christmas songs followed by some Christmas stories.

After which Ryan and Christian put the sparklers on the tree while the kids were in the bedroom playing.

Once everything was set up, Christian rang a small bell to announce that the Christkind was seen by adults but he just dropped the presents and left quickly.

The kids were so excited to see the sparkling Christmas tree and so many presents under it.
They couldn’t wait to open the gifts.
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