11 months old Sweetheart

Our lovely baby Alexa is 11 months old today. How quickly does the time fly!!! Everything seems to be going so much faster with the second baby. I can hardly keep up.

Alexa is an incredibly sweet baby. Sweet can’t even describe how loving and gentle she is. Always giggling, smiling and laughing.
DSC_0834 DSC_0858
She started pulling herself up to standing all by herself. Of course we missed it, when she did it for the first time  Oh well..the “joys”of being working parents…

My parents take care of Maya and Alexa all day long until we are back from work.
I should say, I feel incredibly lucky to have parents like mine, who dedicate so much of their free time to their children and grandchildren.

Our little munchkins is starting to understand English and Russian. That is so funny. She totally listens to what my dad has to say and does it after. Ryan asked her to pick out a banana out of all the fruits she played with yesterday, and she showed it to him with such a proud face.

Alexa is a very good eater. She enjoys trying the new foods and we already started giving her lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Amongst favorite are cherries, tomatoes, bananas, apricots, peaches, watermelons, cherries and strawberries. DSC_0740


Lexi is learning so much from her big sister. They started playing together and she is gradually starting to defend her play territory when needed. ) The other day when taking a bath together, Lexi grabbed two toys, one for each hand, and when she noticed a pink shovel floating towards her, she took a quick glance at her hands and without thinking started trying to fish the shovel out with her mouth. That was hilarious. She was actually sitting there with two toys and a shovel in her mouth, making sure Maya doesn’t get a hold of either of those precious toys.


At the end of June Alexa has graduated from her swimming class. She loved it!! One can actually see the progress made. She can now swim in her swimmies all by herself and enjoys swimming under water as well. I can’t be more proud of my little baby. Both Maya and Alexa are already signed up for another year of swimming course. I hope they will enjoy it.

Alexa's swimming class


So, this is it for now…see ya in 4 weeks!!!!


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