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“Daddy, daddy…now where is that Stork, which brought me to you? “

Stork and dedas
Maya and dedas playing with a stork

I just loveloveloveloving my kiddies.
Maya is just getting funnier with every day. It’s too bad I never find time to write all the funny things she says.

Yesterday, as I was showing her a preview of her first year in the new photo book I am working on, she started asking me all these questions about the umbilical cord she saw in one of the baby pictures.
I’ve explained to her that the umbilical cord connects a baby in the womb to her mother and this way the baby gets all the “food” she needs from her mommy.

After that picture, Maya also saw another one of the stork, which our kind neighbors have given us as a gift when Maya was born.
She looked at the picture and ran off to daddy, screaming: “Daddy, daddy…now where is that Stork, which brought me to you?

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11 months old Sweetheart

Our lovely baby Alexa is 11 months old today. How quickly does the time fly!!! Everything seems to be going so much faster with the second baby. I can hardly keep up.

Alexa is an incredibly sweet baby. Sweet can’t even describe how loving and gentle she is. Always giggling, smiling and laughing.
DSC_0834 DSC_0858
She started pulling herself up to standing all by herself. Of course we missed it, when she did it for the first time  Oh well..the “joys”of being working parents…
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