Happy 10 months, my lovely Alexa!!!

My Dearest Alexa,

Today is your 10 month birthday. As I celebrate the day you were born 10 months ago, I can’t help but be a little sad at how fast the last 10 months have gone. Words can’t express how much I have loved you growing up in my arms. You and your big sister Maya are absolutely the most precious gifts I’ve ever gotten in this life.
DSC_0139 DSC_0231

I feel so lucky that I get to cuddle with you at night and hear the cutest noises you make when you are sleeping or drinking mommy’s milky. I love watching you roll over in your crib, throwing your cute little feetsies to the side. You are such a little love bug.

Cuddling, giving kisses, hugging, smiling, giggling and clapping is what you like the most. You smile for everyone and laugh at your big sister all the time.240710_10150193292163953_507548952_6969776_7955007_o

You wave hello to people you meet and say “hi,” also when you see them on TV, silly goose. You can already say “hi”, “mama”, “dada”or “hi dada -*the last one melts my heart every time and you always wave to him when saying it”

You are starting to cruise around furniture and make steps when we hold your hands, but I don’t think you are ready to take those first steps on your own yet.

You are still trying to figure out how to crawl on all 4, but I am sure with deda’s exercises and Maya’s help, you will do it very soon. And even if not, Maya can teach you how to do the cutest tushie scoot. :0)

You love to dance to the music and especially enjoy the “Sunny Bunny” CD or “JoCo Looks Back” album by Jonathan Coulton, which works magic when daddy is putting you to sleep.

I love our time together while you are nursing. It gives us “our alone time,” which we do not get very often and makes me remember what is most important; plus that look of yours, full of extreme happiness and satisfaction when you are nursing is more rewarding for me than anything else in the world.

You love eating and tasting different foods. You have quickly mastered how to work with those first two teeth of yours and you try to bite and taste everything you get in your hands. This long weekend we spent in the baby hotel “Semi”, where they showed you a tiny newborn rabbit. You decided to pet it, gave it another look and then quickly stuffed it in your mouth, silly monkey. You make us laugh a lot!!! Every time you are done with your food, you just take your bib off as a sign of: “no more” and there is no way I get another spoon in you. :O)

I feel incredibly happy and blessed to have you in my life, my little sunshine, and can’t wait to sing a Happy Birthday to you in just a few months.


With greatest love, your mommy

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