Our Six Month Old Valentine

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I can’t believe that our little munchkin has already turned 6 months old, exactly on 14 February 2011.
She is just so so sweet, I can’t stop kissing her…

Alexa is a real laughing machine. She is constantly smiling and especially squeals from delight when she sees Maya. She just adores staring at her big sister. They sometimes play together, Maya plays a Winnie the Witch character and Alexa is her cat, Wilbur. Maya waves her magic wand and turns Alexa into different things. Both love that game.

Alexa is becoming a real social butterfly. She loves being around Maya’s friends and watching them play.
Lexi has already been to her first 2.5 hrs ice skating show: “Holiday on Ice” and will be attending Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo show in March. I try to expose her to various social outings as much as I can. We have also started our baby swimming course with Seepferdchen, just 10 minutes away from our house.

Alexa really enjoyed her first splashing session in the pool and fell asleep as I was dressing her up.

<a href=" The bouncing baby bjoern chair is her favorite sports activity of the day, you should see how she bounces herself. I sometimes have a feeling she is aiming to fly out of it.
It is fun to watch her amazement as she discovers each body part, especially her toes.

She expresses herself loudly with screaming “hiiiiiiiii” and goes “yum yum“ when eating solid foods. So far, carrots, potatoes and meat combination is her favorite.

We are so lucky to have my mother staying with us now since both Ryan and I are working full-time. I can’t thank her enough for watching our baby Alexa and giving her so much love.

Happy 6 months, Lexi!!! We love ya soooooo much.


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