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Our Trilingual baby


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Maya has always been very talented when it comes to learning languages.
Her first baby babbles were in all three languages: English, German and Russian.

Over the last year (she is two and a half now) her English has become excellent. I guess it is the easiest language out of the three, plus it is spoken at home all the time.

Since I often switch back and forth from English to Russian, Maya is perfectly aware that I speak both.
So, the other evening when we were reading some Russian books, she asks me in English where her yogurt is. I answer in Russian: “твой йогурт в холодильнике.” She goes: “Mama, what did you just say? “and starts laughing…I repeat, dada says: “Your yogurt is in the fridge.” Mama says: “твой йогурт в холодильнике.” She looks at me with a big smile on her face and says, but mama also says: “Your yogurt is in the fridge.”
What a cheeky little monkey our baby is.
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Baby Wishlist

Here’s the general list of things we still need. If you would like to get us something from the list, please just leave a comment on this post, so others know not to get the same thing. You can leave it anonymously, so don’t worry about the surprise being completely ruined.

  • Diapers (can never get enough of these!)
  • BIPA Gift Certificates (they have the best deals on all sorts of things)
  • Clothes are always welcome (we’re expecting a girl)
  • We have a small baby registry at Herr und Frau Klein under the name Adler
  • BabyBjörn Babysitter Balance
  • Stroller toys

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