Noah and Maya in Prater


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Despite of the bad weather forecast we decided to go to Prater Amusement Park with Noah, Maya’s friend and his mommy Sara.
We haven’t been to Prater for ages. It really got cleaned up a lot and had a lot more rides than we could remember.
The place offers tons of entertainment for children and adults of all ages.

Maya has never been to Prater and we thought it would be a nice idea to introduce her to the fun place in Vienna. Noah was already a frequent visitor to the park and he was showing Maya around. The two of them were just more than cute.

<img src="DSC_0031

Maya was still were cautious when it came to going for various rides and only got to try the flying elephants with Noah.
Kidsworld was quite a find and we will be for sure coming back there again.

Maya with her new friend
<img src="DSC_0098

Relaxing with dada
<img src="DSC_0109

Our visit to Prater wouldn’t have been complete, if we didn’t finish it in the Schweizerhaus.
Their grilled pork-legs with mustard and horse radish beat easily the most exquisite dishes of well-established restaurants- yummy yummy yum.
<img src="Stelze

What a fun day it was and we can’t wait to have more trips like this with baby Noah.


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