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Sushi Workshop

So one of my big Christmas gifts this year was a Sushi Workshop. Since I really enjoy sushi, and also enjoy cooking the few things I can cook well, it was really a great gift idea. The course actually took place last week, and went from 6-11 PM. Plenty of time to learn as much as possible!

Made It Myself!

The course itself was really excellent. The teacher was very personable, and quite entertaining. The group was a small group of about 10 people, almost entirely couples. Although I was there alone, it was really enjoyable, and delicious as well! We learned to make sushi, sashimi, maki, futomaki, and he even demoed inside-out maki, which wasn’t even normally included in the course.

I learned all the inner secrets of sushi making, and now I get to go shopping for lots of equipment, so I can make my own. I’ll be sure to report back once I’ve tried making some on my own. A huge thanks to my loving wife, for coming up with this great gift idea!

You can see all the pictures from my class here.


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Look Who Is Talking…


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Maya loves to surprise us by learning or repeating something new.

She always showed an extreme interest in books, magazines and everything that had pictures in it. We started teaching her by pointing to the picture and saying, “the dog says, Woof, woof, woof” or find a picture of a cow and say, “the cow says, Moo, moo, moo.”

She learned so many animals and their sounds, her body parts and colors and keeps surprising us more and more with her always growing vocabulary.

She can now repeat words after us. Just this morning, as I was calling Ryan “hoooooney”, she went “honey”. I was in shock for a bit. 🙂
Teachers in her school also commented how advance she is with her language skills. They mentioned that she is starting to understand German as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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ICQ Account Stolen

My ICQ account was stolen. Don’t trust anyone messaging from it!

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Nothing like the feel of a fre…

Nothing like the feel of a freshly upgraded and installed hard drive. Think I’ll just stretch out here…ahhhhhhhh

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It Works! (So Far…)

Until we went to the US last year, she was at least sleeping in her own bed, but constantly waking up for breast-feedings. After the US, she had a habit of sleeping in her bed until exactly midnight, then she wouldn’t quit crying until we brought her into our bed. Even in our own bed, she would wake up throughout the night to get some boob. So as we’ve discussed with some friends and family, we’ve been trying a new method of getting Maya to sleep in her own bed, as well as sleep through the night.
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Morning surprise


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Since we are all so paranoid about Maya not yet walking, we do everything we can to encourage her to do so.
For example, yesterday we tried a new indoor swimming pool in Erholungszentrum Perchtoldsdorf (public leisure centre, which offers an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and sauna).
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New Year 2009 is here!!!


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Happy New Year, 2009 Here We Come.

We got to meet the New Year at Sabine and Christian’s home with a couple of friends of theirs.
Frankly speaking, it was our first Austrian celebration of this event. Read the rest of this entry »

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