One Year Old!

So, we finally made it to one year old! It seems like it was both a long time, and an instant. I know it’s a bit past the birthday, but things have been really hectic here. Not only are Maya and I both sick, but we did a ton of traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. First, we flew to New York to visit my dad, and had a great time. Danny, Tara, and Jada also visited at the same time, so we got to hang out with them as well. Dad and Jody threw a birthday party for Jada and Maya, which was really nice. We got to see Justin, Eric, and Michael for the first time in a long time.

Later, we flew to Portland, Maine, where mom picked us up, and drove us to New Hampshire. There, we had a birthday party for Maya (again, but on her actual birthday).

Then, lots of shopping for Svitlana (I hung around and played Guitar Hero in Walmart), and then Danny, Tara, and Jada showed up there as well. Bekki and Debbie showed up as well, and Fred picked up his mother, and we all had a great Thanksgiving together.

Maya is getting so big, and still doing lots of new things every day. Just today, she started really feeding herself with her spoon, for example. She’s learning more and more words and concepts, and she’s pretty much used to the kindergarden by now as well. She always cries for a moment when I hand her over, but then she’s fine a few seconds later. She’s not standing yet, but she’s getting closer. When we put her shoes on, she’ll stand up for a bit, leaning against my legs. For now, though, I think she’s happy scooting all over. She’s gotten really good at it.

As a gift, we got her some baby dolls in the states. She really loves them, and sometimes feeds them from their bottles.
Maya with Oma

She’s not gaining as much weight as we’d like, so we’re going to have to look into that, and how we can get her to bulk up a little bit. She’s far below normal weight, so we need to feed her differently, I think.

The biggest trouble we’re having with her at the moment, though, is sleeping. Since the US trip, she just doesn’t want to sleep, especially not in her own crib. She’ll sleep pretty well in our bed, but that’s not what we want! We’re having a hell of a time getting her to sleep on her own. We’re going crazy, because we don’t even get 5 minutes of relaxing time, since we have to go to sleep with her. If we leave her in her bed, she cries endlessly, and will even sit up sometimes while crying. Things are so hectic, which is why I’ve had trouble finding the time to post this. I think I’m going to have to switch to just Twittering, and having that post here (which I’ve set up now). Sorry if most of the posts coming up are much shorter.


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