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I hate flying

I hate flying

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Progress Report

Maya is just the sweetest. It’s always amazing how quickly she develops – I still can’t believe it.

Since she enjoys playing with her Duplo blocks in kindergarden, we decided to get her some of her own. She’s not really able to put them together yet, but she loves taking them apart.

Now that she’s basically going to kindergarden full time, Svitlana’s mother is heading back home tomorrow. Before leaving, though, she bought Maya some really nice presents. First, she got her a nice little zoo with a dancing monkey, and lots of sounds. She also got her an add-on set for her Duplos with a circus elephant, train, and a clown.

Kindergarden is going really well, and Maya even reaches out to the teachers when it’s time to give her over. I still worry all the time, that everything is ok. But I guess we have to trust them, and we’ve chosen the best school we can. In any case, though, Maya is apparently very interesting to the other children. She likes to point at things, and have the other kids bring them to her. She’s also very demanding, but at least she knows what she wants.

One important thing to get Maya to be happy at kindergarden was to bring her Mr. Bear along. It’s like her security toy, and the teachers said that it really did help to bring it along.

And finally, today we got a great surprise from Maya! This morning, in order to get to one of her toys, she starting scooting on her butt! We tried it a few more times during the day, and it seems like she uses it all the time now…finally she’s starting to become mobile! It really is a big relief, to at least see that she has the desire and will to move herself around. Now just to work on getting her to use those little legs of hers!

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Wow…loving the twinkle maps …

Wow…loving the twinkle maps feature!

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