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Yeay…I am seven months old

So, I recently turned seven months old.
Life became so much more exciting now.
The major accomplishment of this month is me mastering the sitting position like a pro.
I no longer need mommy or daddy to hold me and can perfectly sit unsupported (which frees my hands for further exploring). I can balance myself really well and have no problem in turning when sitting to reach a toy I want to play with. Read the rest of this entry »


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Maya’s first time in Tiergarten Schönbrunn

Last weekend the Adler family and our babushka decided to take a trip to the world’s oldest and only baroque zoo in the south-eastern part of the Habsburgs’ summer residence.
Our munchkin has never been to the zoo before and the few animals that she’s seen were the two dogs of our neighbors, who lack some intelligence, I would say, as all they do all day is bark, bark and bark and a few cats here and there. So, it was supposed to be a day for our little Maya when she finds out that there are lots of big, small, fluffy, prickly animals that come in all forms and sizes, ranging from a few cells to creatures that weigh several tons. Read the rest of this entry »

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Father’s Day Grill and Workout

So I finally had my first Father’s Day last Sunday – we had it in Austria last weekend, even though it’s this weekend in the states. And I have to say, it was really great! In the morning, I got my gift from Maya and Svitlana: WiiFit! Of course, I was immediately insulted, since I assume that meant I’m just not in shape, and letting myself go. But I quickly got over it, set it up, and then even the WiiFit told me I was overweight! Geez!
Let's Get in Shape!
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That’s the sound Maya has started making since a day or two. Essentially, it’s the ‘B’ sound, often followed by some spitting. 🙂 You can tell she’s really concentrating, though, so she’s definitely doing it on purpose. She’s finally starting to speak!
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Maya’s first pool party


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Our neighbors, Sabine, Christian and little Matteo invited Maya to join their baby pool party. Maya’s first experience with lukewarm water wasn’t so enjoyable at first. She screamed every time we tried to put her in the pool.
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