Eh, What’s Up, Doc?

For the last few days, we’ve finally started feeding Maya something other than milk. Which is great, because I finally get to participate in the feeding. It’s also alot easier than heating up a bottle while the baby is crying, and hoping she’ll drink it.

Maya just loooves her carrots. She smiles as soon as she sees the plate, and will hardly let us feed her – she always wants to do it herself. I usually can’t get the spoon in her mouth, without her grabbing it away from me.


We also went to the doctor on Friday, and as usual, everything is just fine. Maya is at about 7kg now, and will be getting her next vaccination on Monday.

It’s really amazing how quickly she’s changing…every day there’s something new that interests her. She’s also really doing well with sitting up. She only falls to the sides a bit, but she definitely enjoys sitting up more than lying down all the time. I hope she’ll be sitting up on her own soon.

Finally, she seems to have (re)discovered her tongue. She likes to stick it out all the way now, and rolls it around – it’s really funny to see:

Oh, and here’s a few pictures of our little Narcissus.


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