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That rocking never stops…

As I was shopping in the UN commissary last night, I bumped into Natalie, a girl I am acquainted with from work. She is now 7.5 months pregnant with a baby boy. As we started chatting about babies, ultrasounds, hospitals and all the other pleasant details connected with child birth, she suddenly started smiling and said: Ha-ha you totally look like a mom.” So, I said: “Yeah, I still gotta lose a “few” kilos”, she goes:”No, silly, look at your left hand…” As I turned my head to my left side I noticed that I was rocking the shopping cart like a baby stroller. I was already told by some mommies that that movement never goes away, but of course one never believes anything until you experience it on your own skin.
So, I was standing there, rocking the shopping cart to sleep and thinking how wonderful it is to be a mother. Your baby is not only with you in your heart and in your thoughts, but also dictates your basic reflexes. I thought that was really funny!!!


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Delicious Library 2

One of my favorite apps for the Mac, Delicious Library, is finally nearing release of the long-awaited version 2! This was the first program I ever bought for the Mac, and I’m still extremely happy with it, and use it all the time. In any case, they just released a beta of version 2, and it’s looking pretty sweet! One of the cool new features is that it can publish your library to the web, so you can show it to others without having to lug your computer around. Check out my library (iPhone/iPod touch version), and let me know if there’s anything you want to borrow! 🙂

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Maya’s first “Kirtag”


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As daddy and mommy came back from work earlier today, we decided to take a walk to Mauerhauptplatz, where a “Kirtag” festival was taking place. Maya got to go on her first ride today. She was starring at the little train and was very happy to finally get on it. Here are some highlights of our evening full of lots of fun: Read the rest of this entry »

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Daddy-daughter Day

Yesterday was a holiday here in Austria, so I had the day off. Since Svitlana works at the UN, though, it wasn’t a holiday for her. So, I sent the in-laws out of house for the day, and Maya and I spent the whole day together! Sveta was a bit worried, bit I’m not really sure why. We had a great time…we went for a walk in the morning, and then took a short nap. Then woke up, ate a bit, and went for another short walk. We played some games together during the day, and just generally had fun. I think I would love staying home with her all the time. She’s just such a cutie!

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Papaya turns 6 months old

Our little princess turned six months old yesterday. She has grown so much lately, it is hard to believe. I still remember her fitting in between the arms of my chair while I was breast feeding her. It is no longer the case.

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Eh, What’s Up, Doc?

For the last few days, we’ve finally started feeding Maya something other than milk. Which is great, because I finally get to participate in the feeding. It’s also alot easier than heating up a bottle while the baby is crying, and hoping she’ll drink it.

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Holiday Weekend


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May is a wonderful month in Austria, full of various holidays. One of those was this past weekend when we got to celebrate my first Mother’s day, went to a bunch of recreational places, such as Laxenburg park and Schönbrunn and grilled lots of meat and even got to have some shashlik, made by my dad.
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