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Here’s a film from when I was a baby. Try not to laugh too much. 🙂

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Social Networking for Babies

Just got an invite to the private beta of Totspot (let me know if you want an invite). It’s looking to be an interesting social networking site for babies. 🙂 And here’s some live social networking:

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Roll Over, Beethoven

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Oh, my bones ache

Well, I did it – made it into my thirties, and I’m still walking without the assistance of any medical devices. Yeah, yeah, I guess I’m overdoing it, but it’s still a big milestone for me. But as far as I can think of, I’ve basically done everything I wanted to by 30:

  • Get a college education
  • Get a good (and fun) job
  • Get a beautiful wife
  • Purchase a nice apartment or house
  • Have a cute little baby
  • Make a million dollars

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Baby please take a bottle


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Since I am already starting to work as of 25 March, we have decided to try feeding Maya with my expressed milk from a bottle.
I should say it came as a surprise to us that Maya did not take it. I totally understand the fact that a bottle and an artificial nipple are not the same as a breast, even if the bottle is offered by daddy.
I also read that some breastfed babies won’t settle for anything less than the breast, but life is life and I have to start working soon and really hope that our little girl will take the bottle.

Gosh, now when I think back to a time when Maya was born and I faced a challenge of her latching on the breast, I thought the feeding problems would be over once that is solved. Oh how was I mistaken. 😦 Another day, another challenge. Heh…

On a brighter note, my mom is coming this friday and will stay with us until Maya goes to kindergarten in September or so.

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Easter bunny comes early to Endresstrasse


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“Here comes Peter Cottontail
hoppin’ down the bunny trail
Hippity hoppity
Easters on its way!”

Easter Bunny came this Saturday (15 March 08) to greet all the kids of Endresstrasse. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our bunny for all the wonderful gifts we have received (Manu…wink wink)
It was a really beautiful sunny morning when almost all the parents and kids gathered around for a fun easter egg hunt. Only our little Matteo could not make it this time.
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Another vaccination…

We just came back from another visit to Dr. Balluch. Maya’s weight (6.05 kg- 13.3 pounds), height (62 cm) and head circumference (41.3) are all perfectly fine. The doctor said that she is progressing really well.
She received the third and last of the series of rotavirus oral vaccinations today. On top of that, she was also vaccinated against pneumonia. Bah, so many vaccinations for such a little baby.
It is really amazing that the costs for vaccinations recommended by the Federal Health Board for children in Austria are covered by the city of Vienna.

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