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The first injection

Maya received her first injection yesterday. It is called a “6-way” injection, namely against Diptheria-Tetanus-Pertussis-polio-Haemophilusinfl. Type B-Hepatitis. She handled the injection itself really well with no crying at all, however, the aftermath was a bit painful. After about four hours, Maya started screaming, and we saw that the site where the injection was given became red and irritated. So we let her lie down for a while, and she calmed down quite a bit. Now she’s doing fine, and everything is ok again. The doctor also checked her length and weight, and everything there is fine as well. She’s 60cm long, and weighs 5.8kg.

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We are three months old!!!


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Today our little angel is three months old. Time flew by so quickly.
One should not blink to be able to catch every single detail of her development. Here is a recap of her first three months:
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Free at Last!

We just got back from the orthopedist, and we got great news! Maya doesn’t have to wear her harness anymore! We were so happy to take the damned thing off her, and see her loooong legs. 🙂 She’s much bigger now than I imagined she was.

In any case, she has to go for an X-ray next week, just to double check that everything’s ok. And while there’s a small chance she may have to wear it again, we’re just very happy that she can flex her legs freely now. Time to give her a real bath, and get this baby crawling! 😀

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Maya has her first laugh!

Yesterday, while Maya and I were playing, I decided to massage her chest a bit. She suddenly tightened up her upper body, brought her arms in, and laughed! I got her to do it once more, but that was it for the day, I guess. It was soooo cute, I couldn’t believe it. We were so surprised to hear such a new, funny sound coming from her.

In any case, here are 8 things I’m thinking of getting for Maya. 🙂

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Maya’s first blabbing

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Maya in her Baby Bjoern sitter trying to suck her thumb

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Maya in the Rainforest- Part II

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