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Maya in the Rainforest- Part I

Once again, the celebrated director, Svitlana Adler, has released her latest film. This clip takes us deep into the heart of the Fisher Price Rainforest, in the inhospitable land of Vienna. Watch as Maya defends herself against the wild animals! Shudder as she ventures into the cave of ever-changing lights! Scream, as the repetitive music threatens to drive her mad!

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First time mother…


Originally uploaded by svetikadler

Being a first time parent isn’t easy. Being myself a bit pessimistic and a first time mother makes it even more complicated.
Maya is doing really well. She is growing every day and already started demonstrating her little personality.
She definitely lets you know what she wants, like when we take her off the changing table and she still wants to watch her mobile with bears, which is over the table, she will start yelling until you bring her closer to the bears again.
She makes silly faces when we bring her to the mirror and giggles and smiles when you smile at her.
Maya has a real obsession with lights, can not stop starring at them. I guess she is already trying to pursue a career of a lamp designer. The funny thing is even when the lights are off, she patiently waits until we turn it back on.
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Bite-sized Gaming

Since Svitlana got pregnant, I’ve constantly been looking for games that don’t take up much of my time, but are at least still entertaining. Also, finding those that allow me to simply stand up and stop at any time are ideal. So far, I’ve found only a few that stay entertaining. The two that look the best so far are:

Urban Dead – A Massively Multi-Player Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse
Bite Fight – Vampires vs. Werewolves Web-Based Game

Though I’ve already maxed out my character on Urban Dead, it lasted quite a while. If you know of any other ones that are free and fun, let me know!

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So Cute!

Maya is really getting sweeter every day. Of course, I’m back at work now, so I mostly only see her in the evenings and weekends. But I keep a nice picture of her as my desktop wallpaper at work, so I can always look at her smiling face. She’s starting not just smiling, but yesterday morning, we were looking in the mirror, and she smiled when I did. So now, when she’s in a good mood, and you make an over-exaggerated clown smile, she almost giggles.

As you may have noticed, Svitlana has been busy making videos. It’s a direct byproduct of my being around on the weekend, giving her a bit of time to do something other than hold Maya all day. Here’s her latest creation:

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Maya’s First Bath

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Here is the video of Maya’s first learning experience when she was only three weeks old. :O)

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My Boring Blog

The Onion

Entire Blogosphere Stunned By Blogger’s Special Weekend Post

NEW YORK—In what is being called a seminal moment in Internet history, a rare weekend post by 25-year-old blogger Ben Tiedemann on his…

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It was pointed out by a random visitor to the site that our boring blog bears an uncanny resemblance to the above parody post at The Onion. Particularly, this post. I do realize, of course, the totally mundane quality of the things we post here, but as it’s mainly for family, it’s not such a big deal. I could go and compare our blog to something like Facebook and Twitter, where everyone posts (and notifies friends via RSS, email, and SMS) pretty much every bowel movement they have, but ok. 🙂

In other breaking news, we took Maya for her checkup at the orthopedist, and her hips have improved by a few degrees. The harness will still have to stay on a few more months, though.

Oh, and once I’ve had time to mount the other matching shelf, you’ll be sure to hear about it here – your only source for the most important and up to date information about the most banal people around!

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Visiting the pediatrician

Length and Weight

Originally uploaded by svetikadler

Maya had her first complete check up at the pediatrician’s office yesterday.
Dr. Balluch has measured her length, weight, head circumference and checked her ability to lift her head, basic motor reflexes, eyes, ears, heart and lungs.
She tested really well for everything.
Dr. Balluch was especially impressed to see her weight gain as she is only fed with breast-milk. It made me feel really relieved, as I always wonder whether she gets enough.
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Why Daddy Shouldn’t Buy Baby Clothes

Funny pics – I wonder if they sell something like this in Austria? 🙂

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Maya’s first everything…


Originally uploaded by svetikadler

One of the greatest rewards of having a newborn baby is to watch your little one grow. It has now been six weeks since she came out of mommy’s tummy. For me and Ryan it has been an amazing experience noticing little responses from Maya’s side, apart from all the fun connected to weeks of diaper changing, feeding, bathing, kissing and cuddling. She started smiling a lot, making our hearts melt as we watch those cute little dimples appear on her cheeks. Coming from a very musical family, she showed a real interest in music herself. She loves her mobile with bears and her new interactive melodies and lights deluxe gym, which her grandpa Ed and Jody got her as a gift. She can not get enough of all the bright blinking lights, music and swinging animals. Maya notices things a lot more acutely, so not only our faces but also surroundings are a lot more interesting for her.
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