Review: The Waiting Game

Svitlana and I have recently started playing a new game, called The Waiting Game. It seems to be a derivative of an ARG, but with not so much of the alternate part. It was delivered to us quite unexpectedly, as we had ordered and already expected to be playing Parenthood by now. We now see that you must first complete The Waiting Game to unlock the Parenthood game.

Gameplay – 1/10
The gameplay, in short, leaves much to be desired. It consists of basically nothing more than sitting around, getting impatient, and from time to time, visiting a hospital to find out how much longer the game will go on for. These visits inevitably end in the doctor giving you another appointment later on, which you have to arrive at, to continue the cycle. As you can imagine, this can make the gameplay quite repetitive and boring. It would have helped if they added some exciting cut scenes or mini-games, like driving there in a speeding car chase, or a game where you have to keep the (heart)beats per minute in a certain limit by pressing the right buttons at the right time. Unfortunately, none of these items were included in the game.

Graphics – 4/10
The graphics are a bit better than the gameplay, but still not great. You will often receive an alert in the form of a yell from the wife character when something is going on which you can watch (stomach moving, etc.) which is pretty cool, but other than that, the graphics are pretty much standard for a “life sim” game. Even the output of the CTG device is very low resolution.

Sound – 2/10
The only real sounds in the game is the heartbeat at the doctor’s visits. It’s really exciting when you hear it the first time, but after a few trips there, you get used to it. You can also hear alot of complaining from the wife character, as she will have trouble sleeping during the period of the game. You feel bad for her, as the voice acting is very good, but there isn’t really any element of the game that lets you ease her discomfort. Kind of frustrating.

Controls – 0/10
You have no control. There’s nothing you can do to affect your progress in this game.

Multiplayer – 2/10
While the wife character can be controlled by a close friend, the gameplay is very similar to that of the husband. Essentially, you can do nothing, and the character’s discomfort constantly rises. Very frustrating.

Overall, we were very disappointed with The Waiting Game. It’s frustrating, seems to take ages, and it’s not really clear what you can do about it. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we were unable to play it all the way through to the end. We hear from others on the Internet who have also played, however, that the only possible redeeming factor of The Waiting Game is the breathtaking and exciting ending. You also automatically unlock the Parenthood game, which is supposed to be very interactive, and very cool. Hope we don’t have to play much longer to see that!



  1. Jurie said

    Hahaha. Ahem.

    Hey, if I were in a warm and cozy place I’d think twice about coming out with this weather…

  2. ss said

    It’s kinda like the game Tetris. The pieces of the puzzle don’t always fit. Welcome to the real world.

  3. Best wishes guys!

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