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Waiting for our Little Miracle


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This past Friday we met our substitute doctor, Dr. Martina Krieger, in case our doctor can’t make it to the delivery. Dr. Krieger works in Goldenes Kreuz, the hospital we chose for the delivery of our baby. She was really nice to us and made us feel very comfortable. She showed us around the hospital and requested the midwives to perform the CTG test. It was the very first time I got to listen to our baby’s heartbeat. Ryan hears it every night during his daily interactions with the baby.
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Baby Shower

First off, sorry for not posting for so long. Things are getting crazier from all sides, and there isn’t a lot of time left to post whenever we want. Today, we have exactly 3 weeks remaining, and it’s getting very exciting. The baby is kicking more all the time: I can even feel it at night, when Svitlana is lying next to me!
Work is getting a bit hectic, trying to get all the projects done on time, while more keep coming in. But in any case, once the baby arrives, I’ll be taking a few weeks vacation, and everything has to be able to be managed by everyone else for a bit. I’m sure it won’t be a problem, though.

Baby Shower Cake

In other news, we had a wonderful baby shower yesterday! We had so much fun, and I hope everyone who came had a good time as well. Joy was even the official baby at the baby shower, who seemed to have a great time herself.
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