Baby Wishlist

I hate asking for things in general, but people have been asking about getting things for the baby, and we know (from our minimal experience) that it can be really difficult to decide on something, even for your own baby! And as we’re never the type of people to turn down gifts… 🙂

We don’t want to force anyone to stick to this list, but many people asked for suggestions. Here’s the general list of things we still need, so go shopping, and let your imagination run wild. If you would like to get us something from the list, please just leave a comment on this post, so others know not to get the same thing. You can leave it anonymously, so don’t worry about the surprise being completely ruined. 🙂



  1. Anna said

    Fisher Mobile is taken!!!

  2. Agnes and Richie said

    We will bring some stroller toys

  3. surprise said

    swaddling blankets taken

  4. Hello!
    At the moment I can not bring you anything but I wish you the best from Indonesia!


  5. Dana said

    Baby Playmat (Krabbeldecke) is taken!

  6. Max and Maryana said

    Hi Svetik and Ryan!
    We are very excited that you are having a girl! :)YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sending you our best wishes from Canada!

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