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Baby Wishlist

I hate asking for things in general, but people have been asking about getting things for the baby, and we know (from our minimal experience) that it can be really difficult to decide on something, even for your own baby! And as we’re never the type of people to turn down gifts… 🙂
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It’s a girl :O)


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We just came back from another doctor’s appointment. It was finally confirmed this time that we are having a baby girl. We were extremely happy to hear that the baby is laying in the correct position and now weights 2.3 kgs (approx. 5 pounds).
Everything seemed to be fine so far.
I am starting to feel clumsier with every day as my center of gravity shifts forward. It is really difficult to stand up or pick things up from the floor. I am guessing it will only get worse as I enter the 8th month of pregnancy.

Ryan is being very proactive in preparation for our baby. We picked up the remaining nursery furniture this Saturday and Ryan assembled everything together in the baby room. We’ve also chosen crib bedding. It is really cute!!!

Our neighbor, Simone, came by on Saturday evening and brought us huge bags of baby girl clothes. We are now fully equipped with baby clothes for sizes 54-56 (0-1 month). Thank you, Simone. 🙂
Off we go into the 8th month.

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And now, infectious baby laughter…

Why do I find them so catching?

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iPhone, Wiimote, or newborn baby: which has the best built-in accelerometer?

Found a funny blog post on the topic. FTA: “The iPhone was eliminated fairly quickly…the portrait-to-landscape flip is easy to circumvent if you do it slow enough or at an odd angle. Newborns, however, are born with something called the Moro reflex. When infants feel themselves fall backwards, they startle and throw their arms out to the sides. But the wiimote is very sensitive.”

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Family traditions

We just came back from a Goulash Party organized by the parents of friends of ours who live nearby. It was quiet and interesting event, where friends and family got together for a yearly goulash tasting. The goulash was prepared on special coals in a huge cauldron.

This cosy event really made me think about the family traditions.
I think it is great when one can preserve their own traditions and inherit the new ones from the country they live in, should it be Austria, for example. Since we are anyway very international, there is plenty from either side we’d like to keep.

Examples from Ukrainian side would include New Year’s Day celebration. Since this holiday comes before Christmas, it is often called the family holiday. Decorating of a pine tree in a family circle, cooking a multiple course festive dinner, and exchanging of presents are some of my favorite activities that come along with this holiday. Then, of course, there is Christmas, Easter, Women’s Day, shashlik-making in the country house and other activities/events, which we get to spend with the family.

From American side, we enjoy celebrating the Thanksgiving Day, 4 of July, etc.
I really hope that we will develop some traditions in our family, which our friends and family could look forward to every year. I just wish our families lived a tiny bit closer….oh well…

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Official Toyota iPod Integration Kit

Now that we have our Toyota Prius, I have been looking into solutions for integrating our iPods into the multifunction display. It would be nice to be able to control it through the touchscreen interface, and not just over the AUX audio connector like we do now. I was looking into getting something like the DICE kit, which would basically do the job, but haven’t yet gotten around to ordering it. Lucky for me, I just read that Toyota has released its own integration kit, with official support from Toyota, and it’s even approved by Apple!

Here’s hoping it comes to Europe as soon as possible. 🙂

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