The true magic is in the web

We’re number one! 🙂

It took a lot of fiddling, and I’m not actually sure what it was that did it, but when I now search for “Ryan Adler” in Google, this page is the first result! Earlier, I was always beaten out by a magician of the same name. (Sorry if I don’t link to him here. 😉 ). But today, when I checked again, this page was in the first position! Google is a real funny thing how it sorts results, and I’ve been having fun experimenting with different methods of getting it indexed. Naturally, searching for “Svitlana Adler” already returned this as the first page, since she has such a unique name. Now if only I could get the search on this blog to work!

In related news, I’ve purchased for “future use”. To be honest, if anyone in the family wants their own blog, I would be happy to set it up for them there. For now, though, it just redirects to this page. I can always make you a subdomain, though, so you could have

It also funny that when choosing names for kids nowadays, you should check to see if the domain is still available. 😛



  1. Max said

    Hey, Ryan!
    The wheels have turned, and Google has shifted its form again 🙂

    Ryan Adler, the Magician, has overpowered Ryan Adler, the TechWizard, and appears as #1 in the Google search again.

    Also, the search for “Svitlana Adler” returns Sveta’s page at LinkedIn, not the blog, as the first result. Are we searching in the same Google? 🙂

    Enjoy the summer, guys!

  2. Ryan said

    Apparently, we must be…I’m still in first place for my name, and Svitlana gives LinkedIn as second place. Not sure what’s different there…

  3. Ryan said

    I see what you mean, though. I just connected to a PC in the US, and it’s still showing the old information. Ah, now I see that when I log out of Google, it’s back to normal. Seems to remember the web history, and rank those sites higher that you visit more often. Damn!
    That’s the real black magic of Google. :((

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