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Hard work gets rewarded…


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It has been an absolutely crazy week for me and my colleagues. The final Global Task Force Meeting took place in Vienna this time from 21-22 June 2007. Most of the experts from Global Mercury Project came from all over the world to make their contributions to this meeting.
We were all under stress this past week and finally the meeting was successfully finished. To reward our contributions to the project, my boss invited everyone for a BBQ party at his house in Wolkersdorf (a small town near Vienna). They have a beautiful garden and were perfecty prepared to accomodate such a big group of people. The grill was excellent and it was really nice to socialize with my colleagues outside of work.
Ryan even got acquainted with Fred, the family dog and using his earlier obtained ‘cat skills’ was very welcomed by a friendly animal.

Two of my Brazilian colleagues enriched our evening by playing some of their Brazilian music.

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A different kind of gardening

I was browsing around the other day, and listening to my podcasts, and saw/heard that the voting for the top web apps was completed. The podcast mentioned an interesting one for genealogy, called Geni. I think this is one of the most addicting sites on the web, and will definitely be one of the most viral. It’s so easy to track your family history, add people to the tree, specify their relationships, and then the work/fun really starts. You can fill in almost any imaginable data on them, including inviting them via their email, so they can extend the tree even further!

Family Tree

This kind of thing is exactly the application that I think Web 2.0 apps are going for. A truly useful product, mirroring a real-world need, which improves on the classic implementation by using the networking aspect of the web. Imagine how much more information you can glean for the family tree when everyone in the family can work on it at any time!

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Home Improvement Meets Parenting

Home Improvement Meets Parenting

I often wonder if I’ll be a good parent. Then I remember that I have the Internet whenever I need guidance. With helpful directional pictures like this, I should have no problem.

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It’s BBQ time again


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We finally managed to invite a couple of colleagues of mine for a BBQ get-together this past Sunday. The weather forecast wasn’t promising from the very beginning and we all were aware that it might rain cats and dogs at any minute. To our greatest surprise, it only drizzled for about 10 min. in our part of Vienna. According to the stories of all the other colleagues at work, it rained heavily with hail all day long.
So, I guess we must have somehow pleased the weather gods.
The BBQ turned out to be great as usual. I had marinated the meat and prepared all the veggies ahead of time and Ryan – the chef master, showed off his wonderful grilling skills.

The day was really a lot of fun and we hope for more get-togethers with friends and colleagues in the nearest future. For more pictures, click here.

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And they said it couldn’t be done

Bedroom Shelf

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So I finally got around to installing the bedroom shelf that we got with the bedroom set way back when. I wasn’t really sure if it would be possible, since the wall where wanted it was only a plaster wall, and not a brick or concrete one like the shelf was intended for. That, and if it didn’t hold, it would be falling on my head in the middle of the night.
And so it was with little trepidation, that I set about mounting the shelf last weekend. I had thought it would be easy, and in reality, it wasn’t that bad, but while drilling into the wall, I hit a metal plate. I read quickly on the web that it could be in front of some electrical wires (although it was probably just the place where the plaster boards were mounted), so I had to move it over a bit. Closer to the bed. And my head.
Anyway, I finished it up, and since the anchors weren’t really in any solid substance, the shelf tilted down a bit. So I adjusted the anchors in the other direction, and it looked great! Except that extra hole in the wall. So now I had to fill up the hole with some plaster, let it dry, then I had to paint over it. And finally, it actually did look great! And it hasn’t fallen, and I’m not dead or concussed, so I guess it’s ok.
Now I just have to do the same over Svitlana’s side. 🙂

In any case, I know it’s not a big deal, but it made me happy to finish up a little project and have it come out looking good.

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