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New Futon

New Futon

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So the Futon arrived today, and wasn’t too hard to put together, as we suspected. It looks great in the room, since it was looking kind of empty before. Really nice quality, and very comfortable. (We tested it)
The workers also came and fixed up the wall in the office, although they’ll have to give it another layer once we’re sure it won’t leak through again.
So we’re all set for our visitors!


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It wasn’t meant to be eaten…

The strangest thing happened to me on Sunday.
As I opened our junk food drawer, I couldn’t help it notice a black baggy of my favorite caramel/chocolate candies in it. I pulled up a chair to reach the desired bag of candies and happily walked towards the table to get comfortable with a cup of tea and so much desired chocolates.
In the meantime I’ve decided to organize my jewelry, which was still left after robbery. I left my cup of tea with chocolates on the coffee table as I walked to the bathroom to get the jewelry box.
To my greatest disappointment when I entered the room the bag of chocolates was already gone.
I thought that Ryan is playing a joke on me just like my dad used to do it all the time.
After multiple replies “No, I didn’t take it”, I searched all the kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, microwave and even bathroom for that precious bag of candies, No trace…. I thought I must have gone completely nuts. Seeing how nervous I became of not getting what I wanted, Ryan offered his help in investigation. After multiple searches in the kitchen, living room and bathroom, we still we not able to find the missing chocolate.
I was going nuts for one hour trying to understand where it could of disappeared.

Ryan just looked at me and said: “I guess, it wasn’t meant to be eaten…”
Don’t you just hate when this happens????

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The Morning After


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Well, I’m old now. Or older, at least. We had a nice party yesterday for my 29th, masterfully organized by Svitlana. We had cake, drinks, games, friends, and even homemade pie. Everything was excellent, and helped me to forget that I’m so close to thirty now. 🙂

It was really great spending time with friends, as always, especially when we haven’t seen them in a while. And with us living so far away, it’s even more appreciated that they made it out here. 😉

The last year has been pretty eventful, I should say, what with purchasing an apartment, moving in, buying every piece of furniture ever conceived, getting robbed, and just plain dealing with the new everyday stuff. But no matter what, it’s been great, and I’m sure the next year will be as well.

In any case, it’s a beautiful day, the birds are singing, it’s 15 degrees (59ºF) in March, and the flowers are blooming. And next week it’s supposed to snow. Hmmm…

BTW, the whole pics set can be seen at Svitlana’s Flickr account here.

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Stress is finally over


I am finally done with the interview for the post in our unit. I studied really hard in the last couple of days to prove to the whole world that I know what I am doing at my own job and have a lot more to offer than other candidates who applied for my post.

I think I did really well at the interview. The test part was a bit tricky where we had to draft a letter to the Minister of Environment of Brazil informing him about a considerable reduction of funds for the project he has developed. The second 45 minutes of interview went very fast as all I was doing is talking and talking some more.

So, the stress period is finally over and all I can do now is wait and see what the results of the interview will be. I should hear from Personnel in two-three weeks time.

I am now starting preparations for Ryan’s birthday. Since the best wish of his is to go back one year instead of becoming a year older, he will be a difficult man to please. 🙂
I hope the weather will be on its best behavior to make it possible for us to take a hike to the mountains on Saturday and have a little picnic.

He still remains a number one son and became a number one husband

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Fresh Air

Today we took a wonderful walk up into the Mauerwald, and stopped by Zur Schießstätte for a quick bite. The weather was so beautiful today, and we couldn’t resist getting out for a bit.

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8th of March Tulips

8th of March Tulips

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So, here I start my first weblog with the picture from the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day. In Ukraine people really make a huge deal out of it. All women, older or younger, mothers or not, get to have a royal treatment in all respects. It usually starts with breakfast your man serves you in bed.. And guess what ???-this year it wasn’t an exception for my husband. He woke up around 7 AM just to make me my breakfast. It really made my morning, :))
The weather must have been an “angry man” since it gave us lots of rain on that special Women’s day. Nevertheless we got to enjoy our wonderful day. In the evening we got an unexpected visit from our neighbour, Markus, who gave me these wonderful tulips for being so patient on the day when Ryan helped him out with the installation of Streamium.

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More furniture!

We just found a great futon for our guests when they come to the apartment. No more sleeping on the air mattress! The color we ordered is closer to that of the blog, though.
And it was also a gift from Mom and Fred, so a big thanks to them!


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