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Hectic Monday or how we went to bake cookies.

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Since the weather was very nice and sunny today, mommy decided to take her girlies outside to one of the best Viennese Christmas markets.
Lots of special present-making and cookie-baking workshops for kids take place in the Volkshalle of the town hall.
It is never an easy thing to take both of my princesses out, especially that I have to take a stroller for Maya and put Alexa in the baby bjoern. I love the looks everyone gives me: some with “OMG” and lots of smiles.

I had to fight my way into the baking workshop, as we came exactly at the time reserved for school children, but the chef took a pity on me and let my little munchkin in.

She was having a lot of fun making cookies for her daddy and Santa.

rolling that dough wasn’t easy

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Bears win again


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So, I decided to update our good old blog even though facebooking is a lot easier. I guess that relying too much on technologies that are controlled by third parties is a bit risky, so our blogs will just appear much shorter from now on.

A Fisher price bear mobile has officially become our Alexa’s favorite toy (Maya loved it as well). She loves starring at the bears and as seen in the video, started kicking them. It is simply hilarious!!!

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Baby Wishlist

Here’s the general list of things we still need. If you would like to get us something from the list, please just leave a comment on this post, so others know not to get the same thing. You can leave it anonymously, so don’t worry about the surprise being completely ruined.

  • Diapers (can never get enough of these!)
  • BIPA Gift Certificates (they have the best deals on all sorts of things)
  • Clothes are always welcome (we’re expecting a girl)
  • We have a small baby registry at Herr und Frau Klein under the name Adler
  • BabyBjörn Babysitter Balance
  • Stroller toys

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Maya in the Kindergarten

Here’s the photos from Maya’s photo shoot.

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It’s Potty Time!


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So, we’ve finally moved onto an important phase in Maya’s development – sitting on silly animals with her pants down! A couple of days ago, Maya made her first pee on her brand new potty. On the first try! Then on the next day, she even made poo! Now, it’s a regular event. We put her on the potty every so often, and she usually has something to give us for it. Then, she’ll even ask for a piece of toilet paper, and she makes a cursory cleaning before wanting to be picked up. This kid continues to amaze me. Pretty soon, I expect she’ll tell us when she has to go, and then maybe we’ll be out of diapers soon!! :) Well, I guess I can dream…

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ICQ Account Stolen

My ICQ account was stolen. Don’t trust anyone messaging from it!

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Fun days at Music workshop


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To encourage further musical development skills of our child, our family signed up to attend a two-day musical workshop (Der Eltern- Baby/Kleinkind- Workshop).
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Maya Says Her First “Word”

Even though Maya was cranky at the time, she started saying her first “word” yesterday! She seems to be testing out her voice, and it’s really sweet when she does it. We’ll try to get a better video later, but here’s the first one!

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Delicious Library 2

One of my favorite apps for the Mac, Delicious Library, is finally nearing release of the long-awaited version 2! This was the first program I ever bought for the Mac, and I’m still extremely happy with it, and use it all the time. In any case, they just released a beta of version 2, and it’s looking pretty sweet! One of the cool new features is that it can publish your library to the web, so you can show it to others without having to lug your computer around. Check out my library (iPhone/iPod touch version), and let me know if there’s anything you want to borrow! :)

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Daddy-daughter Day

Yesterday was a holiday here in Austria, so I had the day off. Since Svitlana works at the UN, though, it wasn’t a holiday for her. So, I sent the in-laws out of house for the day, and Maya and I spent the whole day together! Sveta was a bit worried, bit I’m not really sure why. We had a great time…we went for a walk in the morning, and then took a short nap. Then woke up, ate a bit, and went for another short walk. We played some games together during the day, and just generally had fun. I think I would love staying home with her all the time. She’s just such a cutie!

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