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While we are expecting…

baby tub

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We have moved on with our preparations for the baby. Last week our baby tub finally arrived. I really got into the Fisher-Price products for the baby. They seem to have a very unique selection.
There are a couple more things we will try to buy in the near future, such as the mobile and baby gym.

Our amazon DVDs also arrived on Friday and I finally started my pregnancy exercises on top of the normal fitness classes.
The DVD we purchased was the Leisa Hart’s FitMama – Prenatal Workout. Believe it or not, it even had some salsa dancing in it as well as stretching, and breathing exercises shaped to ease some of the discomforts of pregnancy.
I really enjoyed it and Ryan of course got to have his fun by watching me perform the exercises and making fun of me and other moms-to-be. :)

The weather has changed towards cooler a bit. It was almost impossible to survive a 40° C (104° F ) heat.
The next step for us will be to sign up for some birth classes to get ready for arrival of our precious miracle.

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Did I do that?

The internet is a strange and wonderful place. I have no idea if I started something, and not that it really matters, but one has to wonder.

After posting about Chore Wars, a friend of mine who is involved in the games and game development scene, Jurie, also posted about it. His post was picked up by Wonderland, a blog about gaming. And today, perusing my regular comics online, I happened across the newest Penny Arcade. Naturally, I can’t really be sure that I caused the chain reaction, but one can dream, right? :D

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Childbirth meets Tech

Wired has an interesting story about medical students practicing delivery on an “electronic birth simulator”. “It gives us the opportunity to learn and practice but do no harm” – doesn’t really make me too secure about what the other students are doing, if it was harmful!

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Pownce Invites

In case you know what Pownce is, and would like an invite, I have a couple. Just post a comment here with your email address.

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Finally, you can claim XP for housework.

Having trouble determining who should do which chores at home or at the office? I stumbled upon a pretty funny online “game” – Chore Wars. Each person in the house/office creates a character and joins a group representing the location. You can create “adventures” (aka chores) like “wash dishes”, “take out the trash”, etc., and assign XP which each adventure will earn you. You can apparently also have a random monster/treasure drop assigned to each adventure. Also, by specifying which skills each chore..erm, adventure requires (DEX, STR, etc), you define which stats will go up when the “adventurer” levels.
It’s pretty well done, complete with Character Sheet, representative image, and classes. :) And you can finally settle the argument of who does the most around the house. Just compare your character levels!

Quite silly, but maybe it can make cooking and cleaning fun! Then again…

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A fitting anthem

 I Blog Alone –

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Making progress

So we’ve finally started making progress in our baby preparations.  On Saturday, we went to Leiner (where else), and basically set ourselves to ordering all the most important items.  It’s a good feeling to get something out of the way, and know that it’s taken care of.  Especially since the delivery time for most stuff here is about 8 weeks, we figured it would be best to order everything now.  It turns out that almost everything we ordered is in stock, so we’re just going to wait until our new car has arrived and we can pick everything up.  So, here’s the laundry list:

The only thing missing now is the car seat, which someone at work should be able to lend us.  Then we’re basically set, except for the little things we’ll need like diapers, pacifiers, experience, etc., but who needs those things?  :) 

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Arrr, matey!

So I have come to the conclusion that, although it was immensely entertaining, my World of Warcraft days are officially over. Of course, I haven’t played in a long time, but there was always the hope of getting back into it, if even for a short while. But now, baby is on the way, and there’s not really going to be time for such things as MMORPGs.
But in any case, I’ve come back to a game that I played a while back, but didn’t really get into: Puzzle Pirates! It’s basically an MMO puzzle game, where all the mini-games you play make progress towards something larger – so basically, making ships move by playing tetris, etc. The best part is, I can start it and stop it without really having to reserve a few hours like I did for WoW. Great for people with diminishing free time. And it’s free!

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Blue or Pink…

cute stuffed bears


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Well…I guess it is about time that I wrote about the greatest event that is taking place in our lives now. As many of you know, we are expecting a baby in November. So, that would put me in my 6th month of pregnancy.
I must admit I am really enjoying being pregnant. I didn’t have a single case of morning sickness or nausea so far, so I guess I was lucky enough to have a smooth start of the pregnancy.
I still try keeping myself fit and go three times a week for a workout.
On my 20th week, I felt the baby kick for the first time. Since I am now reading pregnancy books in all three languages (English, Russian and German), only the American books gave a correct definition of what it felt like in my case. Contrary to Austrian books, I didn’t feel any butterflies in my stomach; it was very much like a fish swimming around in my tummy. Feeling the first baby kick was the biggest milestone of the pregnancy for me so far. I love feeling it. Especially after I eat and drink, it starts rocking inside of me. :)
On the 22nd week, we went for organ screening of the baby. I was dying to find out whether it was a boy or a girl. Unfortunately, our baby didn’t cooperate much at the time and kept its legs together.
Oh well, it will have to remain a mystery at least until the beginning of August. That is when I have my next ultrasound checkup.
The second big milestone occurred this week when Ryan could also feel the baby move. He got a surprise kick right in his ear while waiting for a quick thump here or there. It really made his day.


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Trillian Astra

I finally got into the Trillian Astra alpha test! I can’t wait until I get to test it out on the Mac…Adium is great, but I’m naturally always looking for the next big thing. :)

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